Reading Eggs Ultimate Rewards Book

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Our new Reading Eggs Ultimate Rewards Book helps parents to easily track, celebrate and reward their child’s progress in the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds online programs. 

The ultimate offline companion to our online program, the Ultimate Rewards Book is bursting with over 200 stickers, interactive activities, a keepsake height chart and an overview of each map and the lessons your child is working on, so you can see exactly what they’re learning at a glance!  You and your child will delight in using the stickers to mark their achievements, while reading overviews of the sounds, skills, words and books covered in each lesson.  

As your child completes each lesson, have them find the matching critter sticker to add to their map. This will keep your child motivated to make real progress on their reading journey, as they celebrate each milestone with exciting rewards along the way. 

Plus, the new Ultimate Rewards Book includes a FREE keepsake height chart for you to track your child’s height over time along with their progress throughout the program. Fully detachable and perfect for hanging on your wall at home, it’s a keepsake you’ll treasure for years to come! 

Here’s why children and parents are loving our new Ultimate Rewards Book: 

  • It’s easy to follow along with: See exactly what your child is learning based on the map and lesson they’re completing, down to the exact books they’re reading – it's all right here! 
  • It helps families celebrate learning milestones: Your child can use over 200 stickers to track their progress and celebrate each of their reading and math milestones. 
  • It comes with a FREE keepsake height chart: This unique addition helps children track their physical milestones as well, making for a memorable keepsake.  
  • It includes our Mathseeds program too: Alongside Reading Eggs, our new Rewards Book incorporates our Mathseeds program, offering a more comprehensive learning experience that covers both essential literacy and numeracy skills. 


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