Reading & Math Essential Skills for Second Grade Bundle

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Reading & Math Essential Skills for Second Grade Workbooks

Jam-packed with colorful and engaging practice activities, the fun-filled series is designed to complement the award-winning online learning programs, reinforcing the essential reading and math skills required for each year level.


200 Essential Reading Skills for Second Grade Workbook

The Second Grade Essential Reading Skills workbook (US Common Core) provides a rigorous 36-week curriculum with easy-to-follow comprehension, spelling, and grammar lessons. These lessons build 200 essential reading skills to understand new ideas, make connections, write effectively and unlock deeper comprehension of a wide range of texts.

This extensive Second Grade workbook provides a rigorous curriculum with:

  • 200 essential reading skills
  • 72 comprehension lessons
  • fiction and nonfiction texts
  • 72 spelling lessons
  • 36 grammar lessons
  • 4 reviews that test knowledge
  • answer sheets
  • a yearly planner
  • full-color pages
  • 217 pages in total.

200 Essential Math Skills for Second Grade Workbook

The Second Grade Essential Math Skills workbook (US Common Core) improves skills in numbers, addition, subtraction, fractions, geometry, measurement, and problem solving in just 15 minutes a day! With 50 easy-to-achieve lessons, this book covers the 200 essential skills your child needs to excel in Second Grade math.

The workbook includes:

  • 50 lessons with four worksheets each
  • 10 quizzes with lesson reviews and rewards
  • a yearly planner
  • full-color pages
  • 260 pages in total.